Graciela Kartofel: Teaching

Through different formats and means, teaching has always been part of everything that I do. Be it academic, diffusion, oral or written, teaching is the desire and responsibility to reach out in the field of Contemporary Art and Latin American Art. Criticism, curatorial work, muséographie and conservation are subjects that have accompanied the development of my profession, and are therefore some of the topics that I've taught throughout the years.

In addition to creating the syllabus for the Latin American Art Area in the Center for Foreign Studies at the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM) in 1984, and teaching there a year later until the end of the XX century, I participated in all activities organized by the institution including The Preparatory Lectures for the Chicano Area, and the annual programme The Arts Week, to name a few.

I was invited as a guest professor at universities and art organizations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. I also give lectures as part of the exhibitions that I curate. In teaching, curatorial and lecturing, geography is never limited to the main cities, with interest and respect there are included as many estates as possible. Teaching didn't mean to pursue an academic position but a relation between the arts and the world, as I deeply believe in the sharing of knowledge and information.